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Grinding is the process of achieving particle size reduction through attrition and compressive forces at the granular level.  


The grinding media in a ball mill is typically steel or ceramic balls of varying sizes, depending on the feed size, work index of the ore and the size reduction and distribution required in the discharge.

Steel Bulk Material Storage Silo
Ball Mill Grinding


With applications such as lime slaking or limestone grinding, smaller capacity ball mill systems are often required.  In these instances, a cost effective option, when compared to larger trunnion mounted mills, is a roller mounted ball mill.  This design uses heavy duty support rollers to drive the rotation of the mill shell directly.  Depending on the, the drive and support rollers can be polyurethane lined rollers or a series of rubber tyres.

Bulk Handling Techonolgies can design and supply roller mounted ball mills with capacities ranging from 500 kg/hr up to 25 TPH in a single mill. 


During the grinding process, grinding balls are consumed due to abrasive wear and must be replaced progressively (and ideally continuously) to maintain the optimum 'charge' within the mill. Safe and reliable feeding and delivery of new grinding balls to the mill is a key concern for many mine sites.  


Manual handling is a hazardous task and should be avoided where possible to reduce the risk of injury to personnel.  Bulk Handling Technologies can assist with the design and supply of a custom ball charging system, incorporating a ball receival hopper, feeder and elevating conveyor.


Feed rate control can be achieved, with mass flow rate measurement if required, with batch or continous systems able to feed varying size balls at rates anywhere from 10 kg/hr to 100 tph.

Additionally, when multiple mills require feeding from a single source, a specifically designed horizontal belt conveyor can be supplied with multiple discharge points, all controlled by a central programmable PLC system.

Full packaged solutions with storage silo, feeders, ball mill, classification and mixed solution storage tanks can be provided if required.

Our capabilities include:

  • Grinding Media Charging Systems

  • Roller Mounted Ball Mills

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