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Materials Handling


Proudly represented in Australia by BHT



PEBCO®’s line of standard products come ready to install into your system and include an extensive selection of high-quality, expertly engineered products.


PEBCO® products can also be customised to your needs as we understand that every application can be unique and the proper design and material selections can make, or break, your system. 


Bulk Handling Technologies is proud to represent PEBCO® in Australia and our in-house materials handling engineers are ready to help you select the right PEBCO® product for your application.


Contact us today to find out how PEBCO® can help solve your materials handling problem.


Bucket Diverter


Dustless Loading Spout


PEBCO® designs and engineers a wide variety of products including slide gates, valves, diverters, mass flow feeders, fluidised conveyors, dustless loading spouts, dust suppression systems, telescopic chutes and more for the dry bulk solids industry.

From mining to processing plants or loading and unloading transport vessels; anywhere the flow of dry bulk solids needs to be controlled, that’s where you will find PEBCO® products. With over 40 years of creating solutions, PEBCO® has provided equipment for virtually every dry bulk solids industry around the world.


Burner Isolation Valve



PEBCO®’s product line of high-quality slide gates and valves are uniquely designed to get the maximum productivity out of your system and are built to withstand the test of time. We have a wide variety of gates and valves for applications in every industry. Whether you are processing fine powders or coal, frac sand or plastics, PEBCO® has already engineered a better product to control the flow of your materials.

View Pebco®'s range of Isolation Gates and Metering Valves 



PEBCO® Diverters are designed to efficiently direct material through a selected path of your bulk handling system. Standard Single or Double Blade, Basket, Rolling Blade and Bucket Diverters all offer a number of unique design features for your industry to improve performance and ease maintainability. 


PEBCO®’s standard diverters offer all common industry configurations of Offset (“K”) and Included (“Y”) diverters in 30°, 45°, 60°, and 90° arrangements. We can also customise our equipment to your specific requirements.


The PEBCO® family of Diverters is ideal for handling a wide variety of materials across an impressive range of conditions. In the most challenging applications ranging from run-of-mine ores to sticky gypsum or finished cement, and with temperatures from 45°C below zero to over 500°C.



PEBCO® Loading Spouts are designed with integrated drive systems and are primarily intended to load trucks and railcars, where lower loading rates and shorter travel lengths are required. Spouts can be found in our Dustless Loading Spout (DLS) and Self-Contained DLS (SCDLS) line of products. The DLS comes ready with a port for connection to your existing dust collection system while the SCDLS has integrated dust collection. These Spouts can also be paired with a single or dual axis positioner to allow for misalignment in positioning of the vessel being loaded.



Double Blade Mass Flow Feeder | Rolling Blade Belt Feeder

PEBCO®’s line of Mass Flow Feeders and Rolling Blade Belt Feeders are engineered to provide exceptional accuracy and uniformly load the belt on centerline every time, regardless of flow rate. Simple, reliable designs require little maintenance and provide more up time over the life of the system than any other feeder technology. By actively compensating for head load, moisture, product size, segregation, and demand, our feeder systems improve your ability to respond quickly and accurately to the demands of the process.

From single-point discharges to multi-point blending applications, under mass flow or funnel flow silos or hoppers, and even stockpiles; PEBCO®’s expertly engineered family of feeders will give you the ability to deliver the right amount of product every time.

Mass Flow Feeders offer incredible accuracy for critical feed rates or blending applications with repeatable accuracies of <1% and maximum to minimum flow ratios as high as 10:1. Rolling Blade Belt Feeders get the material moving in the same direction as the conveyor prior to contact with the belt to increase the life of the belting. 



Fluidized Conveyor | Fluidized Bin Bottoms & Insert | Silo Penetration Adapter | Fluidized Conveyor Slide Gate | Fluidized Conveyor One Way Rolling Blade Gate | Fluidized Conveying Packages

PEBCO® Fluidized Conveying equipment is meant to transport materials that can be fluidized by aeration, such as cement, fly ash, alumina, etc. PEBCO® air slides, sometimes referred to as aeration conveyors, are optimal for the fluidized transport. Once fluidized, these materials will flow readily along an incline and can be transported without the need for mechanical assistance.

PEBCO® offers fluidized bin bottoms and inserts to promote material discharge from the storage vessel and fluidized conveyors for point-to-point transfer. Multiple gate designs to control the material flow are available from manual/maintenance gates to automated gates for remote flow regulation and shut-off. Turn-boxes, diverters, fans, and blowers complete the family of products offered to move your product from storage to a quality PEBCO® loading spout.



Agglomerative Dust Suppression (ADS™) dry fog dust control systems are highly efficient, patented, fine particulate scrubbers that use very little water, no chemicals, and do not increase the overall moisture content of the product by more than a few hundredths of a percent. The ADS™ dry fog dust control system is based on the principles of agglomeration of particles of like size and works in much the same way as nature.

ADS™ Dry Fog systems use acoustic nozzles to create a cloud of extremely small droplets that are in the same size range as the airborne dust. Key to the reliable delivery of fog into the system is the design of our FP series acoustic nozzles. These devices use compressed air to create high frequency sound waves that shatter water into the fog sized droplets. These water droplets agglomerate with the dust particles, make them heavier, and settle back to their source.



The PEBCO® Uni-Load® System is used for in-motion volumetric loading of open-top trucks and railcars.  Loading rates as high as 6,000 TPH can be achieved with the PEBCO® Uni-Load® Chute. Materials such as coal, iron ore, and petroleum coke are typically discharged into moving railcars using automation controls to start and stop the loading process to achieve an accurate loaded weight and distribution. Manual control of the system can also be used when these factors are not as critical or when loading trucks for shorter distance hauls.

The PEBCO® Batch Loading System pre-weighs material before loading it into the truck or moving railcar. This process provides loading accuracies of +/- 0.1% helping to reduce back-charges and fines from the carrier. Charge gates control the flow of material from the silo or surge bin into the Weigh Bin, which is monitored by load cells. A discharge slide gate and rectangular telescoping chute control the discharge of material into the railcar.  Optical sensors allow the control system to adjust open and close positions to insure proper distribution of the product front to rear. This minimizes differential weights between axles as both differential and gross weight error can result in fines from transportation companies.

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