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The requirement to unload bulk materials from bulk-bag, drums or ISO sea container is becoming increasingly common, particularly given that many buyers are now looking globally for suppliers of raw materials.

Safe, efficient unloading is particularly important, as is the need to ensure maximum recovery and dust free discharge.  


Bulk Handling Technologies can provide a range of solutions for unloading, depending on the required cycle times and unloading rates.

Bulk Bag Unloading


ISO containers are typically unloaded by standard end tipping, either whilst on the trailer when delivered or on a custom tilting frame.  The contents can either be discharged directly and instantaneously into a below ground hopper, or discharge can be controlled via mechanical or pneumatic unloading.


Specialised container liners are often used to assist maximum recovery, including some options with connections for fluidisation.

The most practical solution often depends on a range of factors including the container delivery method, site infrastructure and unloading rates and cycles.  In some situations, specialised containers are used with removable lids.  These containers are rotated on their long axis through 180 degrees to unload through the open top.


Many materials are delivered in 1t or 2t bulk-bags.  The bags may be single use bags which are split to discharge, or multi-use bags which are manually untied and discharged.  Depending on the unloading rate and storage facilty, bags can be lifted by hoist to be split above a storage hopper, or discharged at ground level and mechanically or pneumatically conveyed to storage. Vacuum bag unloaders are also available for complete dust free operation.


Toxic and hazardous materials, such as xanthate, are shipped in 200 litre drums to prevent environmental contamination. Unloading of these 200 litre drums requires a sealed enclosure that rotates the drum upside down, either using handwheel or electrically driven gearbox.


After discharging the material the drum, the drum is cleaned to remove any residual material before the empty drum is removed.

Our capabilities include:

  • Container Loader

  • Container Unloading Equipment

  • Bulk-Bag Unloader System

  • Drum Tipper

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