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Reagents such as flocculant, depressant, soda ash and lime are commonly used in a range of chemical and extraction processes and must be prepared, stored and dosed with precise control and repeatability.

At Bulk Handling Technologies, our engineers have over 20 years experience in the design and manufacture of Lime Slaking Plants and Reagent Preparation Systems.


With standard packaged systems and larger custom project solutions available, we can design and supply a system to suit your specific requirements.


Bulk Handling Technologies (BHT) can design and supply a range of Reagent Preparation Systems to suit your application, with standard packaged systems and custom project solutions available.

Each system incorporates all the necessary dry powder storage, feeders, mixing and storage tanks, dosing / transfer pumps and supporting steel work / access platforms. Electrical control systems to monitor feed rates and liquid levels with automatic start-up and shut-down can also be supplied as part of the package in accordance with your site or project specifications.




Systems can be designed to receive material from 1,000 litre IBC pods, 25kg or 1 tonne bulk-bags, 200 litre drums, 20ft ISO sea containers or via pneumatically unloaded road or rail tankers. Storage capacity can be anything from 300kg to 300t, depending on the site requirements and consumption rates.  Mixing and storage tanks can be supplied with various materials of construction, ranging from painted carbon steel tanks to stainless steel, polyurethane or glass reinforced  plastic (GRP) tanks. Selection of the appropriate material of construction depends upon the reagent chemical properties (e.g. sulfuric acid) or slurry abrasiveness (limestone slurry).


Our Lime Slaking and Limestone Grinding Systems incorporate horizontal, roller mounted, wet grinding ball mills and wet scrubbers to extract steam away from the dry product.  Agitated storage tanks maintain the slurry in suspension until it is delivered to process via centrifugal slurry pumps installed in a duty / stand-by configuration.


Full civil design can be included or, if preferred, foundation loads can be supplied for civil design by others.

Flocculants are chemicals used in mining and water treatment industries which cause fine, suspended particles to aggregate in solution, improving sedimentation (settling) and allowing easier separation and recovery. 

Lime slaking systems are commonly used to convert quicklime into hydrated lime for the control of pH during the process of ore extraction or water treatment.

Limestone Grinding and Mixing System

Ground limestone is typically used for the same purpose as hydrated lime in the control of pH.  Whilst limestone slurry is not as effective as MOL, it is an economical option where quicklime is not cost effective or readily available.

Hydrated Lime System

Hydrated lime can be mixed at site rather than converted from quicklime when usage is low and more cost effective solution.

Fly Ash and Soda Ash Mixing System

Fly ash and soda ash mixing systems are similar to hydrated lime mixing system, in that they create a slurry of ash to be transferred into the process.

Acid and Cyanide Handling System

BHT can supply numerous styles of handling plants for wetting of dry cyanide briquettes or dilution of acid, whatever the customers request.

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