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With such a broad range of mechanical and materials handling equipment experience, many customers request a site inspection and recommendations to help address under performing bulk materials handling systems.


From upgrading sampling equipment to re-designing kiln feed screws, we have helped many customers save money and maximise productivity.


Bulk Handling Technologies 

can investigate, report and supply a bespoke design suited to your requirements.

Sample Trolley model


Whether the original supplied system is no longer suitable for the task or your process requirements have changed, it is often necessary to consider a custom solution tailored to your particular requirements.  Maybe raw materials are now delivered differently, or perhaps there is a need to upgrade a certain part of the plant to improve reliability or address a bottleneck in the system.


In some cases, original bulk handling equipment may have been incorrectly selected without proper assessment of the material characteristics, or the properties of the bulk material have changed since the original design due to changes elsewhere in the process.


Whatever the cause, our engineers have an extensive and broad experience with all types of bulk materials and handling equipment.  Bulk Handling Technologies can visit your site, inspect the equipment and discuss any issues or new requirements with site personnel.


A report can be prepared, summarising the findings and providing a range of recommendations and options for consideration.  Following review, Bulk Handling Technologies can then provide detailed pricing to design and supply the preferred solution.


Refer our Case Studies of a selection of custom engineered solutions delivered to assist our client. 

Additionally, our engineers are always available to meet and get involved in the early stages of new projects to discuss materials handling solutions.  We can help identify any areas of potential risk as early as possible in the design phase and assist site project staff or EPCM consultants during the feasibility period.

Our capabilities include:

  • Site Visit and Report / Recommendations

  • Engineering Services for Concept Design and layout

  • Full Design and Supply of Engineered Solutions

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