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Mining exploration is a $212 billion industry in Australia and accounts for 8.5% of the country’s GDP. The mining sector is a significant contributor to the high-level of economic growth in AU.

Tasmania, an island state located 240 km to the south of Australian mainland, due to its remarkable geological diversity, plays an active role in supporting AU’s mining sector.


​Tasmania (TAS) or more known colloquially as Tassie is regarded to have one of the most diversely mineralized regions in the world. Mining extraction and refining is Tasmania’s biggest export industry and accounts for 50% of the state’s mercantile exports.


Tasmania is a significant producer of tin, tungsten, iron ore and bulk magnesite deposits. Gold, lead, zinc, silver, copper, silica and tungsten are also being extracted.


Tasmania has 3 main large operating mines:

  • Rosebery

  • Renison Bell

  • Savage River


The demand for a reliable supplier of high quality minerals within Australia and abroad has pushed mining industries in Tasmania to develop innovative mining processing at competitive costs.


Bulk Handling Technologies is an Australian owned and operated company. BHT is a specialist OEM designing, manufacturing, assembling and testing, equipment and systems for bespoke bulk materials. BHT’s bulk material handling equipment adopt Australian industry standards, mining experience and offer bulk material handling solutions according to client driven specifications.


We work with mining industries in Tasmania in the supply and manufacture of bulk material handling equipment and systems within TAS. From handling hard rocks, fine powders, filter cakes and other dry materials such as ores, wood chips, coals, sand, gravel or stone in loose bulk form, Bulk Handling Technologies can design, manufacture and supply the right storage, loading/ unloading equipment, conveying and elevating systems and feeding equipment.

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