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Safe isolation of stored material in hoppers and bins to protect maintenance personnel below from the risk of flowing or falling material is a key safety requirement in materials handling systems.


To avoid the need to fully empty or clean bins or hoppers when carrying out downstream maintenance, many sites are electing to install bin isolation gates which can be closed when maintenance is required, saving considerable downtime.


Bulk Handling Technologies can supply custom designed gates to suit the bin loads and stored material properties and can even assist with retrofitting isolation solutions to existing bins if required.


For personnel safety on large elevated chutes, Sliding Work Platforms are available which can be positively locked, providing a safe work platform and avoiding the need to install scaffold for maintenance access.



Also known as Knifegates or Sliding Plate Gates, BHT Bin Isolation Gates allow safe isolation of stored bulk materials and, when closed, allow safe maintenance of downstream equipment such as screens and feeders. When designed to cater for 'first-fill' head loads, isolation gates allow bins to be filled while the gate is closed, reducing overall plant down time during maintenance activities.

Available as single plate or dual overlapping plate designs, BHT can supply hydraulic bin isolation gates in sizes ranging from small 1000mm square units, up to massive 12m long by 3m wide dual plate units, fitted with multiple high pressure hydraulic cylinders. 


Initially designed for the iron ore industry in Western Australia, Bin Isolation Gates can be fitted beneath all bins and silos which store bulk material, ranging from free flowing grains or fine powders, up to hard lumps and highly abrasive materials such as iron ore.​

Most Hydraulic Bin Isolation Gates are supplied complete with a shared hydraulic power unit and Operator Control Station (Electric or Hydraulic Lever).

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Designed for safe access to components at height (typically in confined areas such as a chute or bin opening) BHT Sliding Maintenance Work Platforms incorporate a 'gate plate' which is used as work platform for maintenance personnel to access wear liners, belt cleaners and other items requiring regular inspection and maintenance.

Sliding Maintenance Work Platforms can be designed to fit within elevated large conveyor head chutes or bin openings and the size can vary to suit the circumstances and layout restrictions.  Lockable in the open and closed positions, Sliding Maintenance Work Platforms avoid the time consuming and hazardous task of installing and removing scaffold for maintenance activities, reducing shut-down time.

​Unlike Bin Isolation Gates, Sliding Maintenance Work Platforms are not required to open or close under high head load.  Designed to support the weight of personnel, equipment and parts, they are typically electrically operated using linear actuators or a rack-and-pinion drive, but can also be supplied with manual hand-wheel operation or pneumatic actuation.​

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Controlling the loading of road trailers or rail wagons from a large bin can be carried out using a large aperture clam shell gate.  Loading clam shell gates have large discharge rates which allow for rapid, efficient filling. They work by initially opening to their maximum setting for 'fast-fill', before throttling back the material flow to a trickle for precision loading before finally closing. Clam shells can be supplied with pneumatic or hydraulic actuation depending on the head load from the material above. ​

See also our range of PEBCO slide gates and bulk materials handling products

Our capabilities include:

  • Hydraulic Bin Isolation Gate Systems - single and double gate

  • Sliding Maintenance / Work Platforms

  • Clamshell Gates

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