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Solutions for bulk material receival, storage and reliable extraction including:

  • Bulk loading hoppers for FEL or truck tipping

  • Silos and bins

  • Mass flow design based on measured flow properties

  • Ancillary options for discharge, isolation and filling  

Feeding solutions to suit all storage and materials including:

  • Belt Feeders

  • Apron Belt Feeders

  • Screw Feeders

  • Chain Feeders

  • Mass Feed Rate Control available

Conveying and Elevating solutions for all bulk materials including:

  • Belt Conveyor Systems

  • Screw Conveyors (Single, Twin, Live Bottom)

  • Chain Conveyor Systems (Single and 2-Way)

  • Bucket Elevators (Belt and Chain)

  • Steep wall, inclined Belt Conveyors / Elevators

Hydraulic and Electric Actuated Solutions for Bulk Storage Isolation and Personnel Access including:

  • Hydraulic Bin Isolation Gates (Single and Twin Plate)

  • Maintenance Work Platforms (Single and Twin Platforms)

  • Clam Shell Gates

  • Spile Bar Gates

Packaged Reagent Preparation Systems with PLC Control including:

  • Flocculant Mixing and Storage

  • Depressant Mixing and Storage

  • Lime Slaking Systems

  • Hydrated Lime Mixing

  • Bulk Silo or Bag Unloading systems available

Custom Engineered Solutions

Site Visit and Report / Recommendations

Engineering Services for Concept Design and layout

Full Design and Supply of Engineered Solutions

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